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The Road Home Starts Here

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An Invitation


An Invitation

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“Having never left the house you are asking for the way home. Get rid of wrong ideas, that is all. Collecting right ideas also will take you nowhere. Just cease imagining. Don’t try to understand! Enough if you do not misunderstand. Don’t rely on your mind for liberation. It is the mind that brought you into bondage. Go beyond it altogether.” - Nisargadatta Maharaj


Contrary to popular belief, there is no journey to self-discovery, enlightenment, happiness or peace. There is no distance you must travel, no amount of time that needs to pass, no amount of mastery of spiritual practices or techniques for you to realize your boundless and unlimited nature, here and now.

This is the good news. It means you don’t have to “free your Self”. You don’t have to “heal your Self”. You don’t have to “recreate” or “reinvent” your Self. You don’t have to “develop” your Self. And you don’t have to take on any new belief, philosophy, system, practice, or trip to an exotic location where you have to stare at a wall and chant unfamiliar sounds after eating a light bowl of tofu.

Joking aside, it means that who and what you are, you already are. The notion that you must evolve, develop or progress along a pre-established path to happiness, enlightenment or peace, is just that: a notion. All journeys to happiness, enlightenment or peace are imaginary. The imaginary journey arises in awareness, but awareness never takes such a journey.

Everything on this website is here to help you release the habitual fixation on the ‘objects’ arising in awareness and come to a clear realization of your true nature as clear, empty, present awareness.

Everything you will find here is an invitation…

To go to the source of reality and end psychological suffering – once and for all.

No matter what experiences you’ve had, no matter who you think you are, how “good” or “not good” you think you are, how “deserving” or “not deserving” you think you are, and no matter how hopeless you may feel about your life, this is an invitation to realize that all of these thoughts are like images on a screen.

The images may be violent, hurtful, or beautiful and serene. Either way, the screen stays the same. It never changes. It never gets touched by anything that arises or appears on the screen.

You are that screen. You are that which everything appears to. Happiness and peace are your natural state.

You are already free.

Peace and blessings,

*Joshua BenAvides

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Ending The Search For Spiritual Enlightenment

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From an early age, Joshua BenAvides was deeply interested in the nature of reality and truth. For 15 years he studied and learned from native american spiritual teachers, jewish rabbis, healers and many teachers from the east such as…

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