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“Why Most Common Success Advice Is Just Plain Wrong And Could Be Actually Hurting You”


How many times have you been told to just “get over it”? And how many times have you told yourself to “get over it”?

You know…get over waiting for things to happen. Get over the fact that you’re afraid of what others think about you. Get over being scared of failing or not doing something perfect. Right?


Did it work? Seriously.

I’m willing to bet that even though you may have experienced a moment where you passionately and willfully proclaimed “just get over it!”… you still found yourself experiencing something similar (if not the exact same situation) later on.

Truth be told, simply WILLING yourself to “get over it” (whatever IT is) isn’t and has never been enough to create TRANSFORMATION.




If you’ve worked with me personally or have ever experienced a breakthrough session with me, then you know what I mean when I say…

What keeps most people stuck are MEMORIES and their associated EMOTIONS. It’s the past. It’s events that took place that have impacted what you expect in your future.

Even when you don’t know exactly what’s keeping you stuck, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is HOW YOU KNOW that you’re stuck or experiencing resistance.

Upon deeper investigation, every explorer of consciousness and the mind has come up with a similar conclusion about the past: IT’S NOT REAL.




You read that right. Your past is not REAL. It WAS real at one point. But it’s not any more.

Like one of my mentors told me: “THIS (referring to this present moment) is REAL. Everything else is a TRANCE.”

And a trance can simply be defined as a state where the attention to your environment and surroundings is DIMINISHED, while the attention to internal processes, feelings, images, pictures and sounds gets INCREASED.


Makes you see how you just might be in a trance MOST OF THE DAY!

Which truth be told…is exactly what’s going on.




First and foremost: Release The Past.

There’s no other way around it. I’ve tried. Lots. And I’ve seen many people try to AVOID what they’re carrying and hoping that will do the trick. But it rarely does.

We’ve all been taught at a young age to either EXPRESS or REPRESS what we feel. Very few are actually taught how to LET GO.

Letting go is a completely different experience. And we all have this ability to let go. It’s amazing. I’ve never met anyone who couldn’t LET GO.

The past is what usually stumps people today and slows down the manifestation process.

We’re trying to create our lives (all be it unconsciously) FROM our past and stories instead of FROM our vision and presence.

It’s time to let go. The past doesn’t just “go away”. And you can’t just “get over it” unless you address what’s keeping it in place and what’s making it so “real” today.




Now don’t get me wrong. I’m generally a SUPER happy guy. I love my life with a burning passion! However, it’s not because I practice POSITIVE THINKING.

I gave up on positive thinking years ago. Why? Because I kept getting into heavy funks. In the name of keeping things positive, I AVOIDED what was really going on with me.

And the result was experiencing more of the same.

And trust me, I know many of the “experts” that are still proclaiming positive thinking as the end-all answer…who call me when they’re in a FUNK!




That’s really what it’s about. Once we OWN and INTEGRATE our whole selves, we don’t need to try to be positive. We’re clear. We’re inspired. And it’s natural. It’s an EFFECT of a deeper CAUSE.

That CAUSE is letting go of the judgment and emotional charge around your past experiences.

As soon as you let go of the hurts, pains, frustrations and fears you’ve experienced in the past (such as a memory of getting nervous when speaking in a group when you were younger, or getting teased, or even watching the poor and hopeless “loser” at school get made fun of by other “cool” kids…as long as it’s inside you…it’s YOU) you’re FREE to succeed in life and business as you wish.

No longer are you simply a puppet of your past emotional conclusions.

You become present. And PRESENCE is the master key to massive impact, influence and income.


To be continued…


Here’s to releasing all limitations!






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Until then…

Create a beautiful day!


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